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“Ordinary people with extraordinary vision can redeem the soul of America by getting in what I call good trouble.”

– Former Congressman John Lewis

Meet Jarred Davis


I am running for United States Congress to live out the charge legendary civil rights fighter and former congressman, John Lewis, left the next generation of leaders who have been morally called to stand up and courageously advocate for the needs and rights of, “We the People.”

As a proud product of Dallas and District 30, I have deep roots and a keen understanding of the problems that stifle our community’s quality of life and restrict unfettered access to the American Dream. Not only that, I offer my proven professional and public service experience and knowledge of the opportunities we must quickly seize to ensure continued regional economic growth and vibrancy for everyone. My experience and passion have prepared me to offer congressional leadership that effectively sets and meets legislative priorities, understand, and provide solutions for constituent needs, while returning and maximizing the district’s share of federal community investment opportunities.

With your vote, and campaign support, together, we can rise above the petty, unproductive behavior that sadly has become accepted and applauded in our halls of Congress. My conviction, experience, and vision, coupled with your committed support, I am persuaded we can return to the honorable business of authentically representing our District in a fashion that finds real solutions to the real problems that frustrate our progress today.

Good Troublemaker,

Jarred Davis

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